Thunder & Lily



Green Gables Thunder Struck
Bit O' Bliss G Easter Lily

Sire Breeding Season # 1

Dam Freshening # 3

Kidding Info

Breeding Date: Expected Delivery Date: Delivery Date: 06/05/2019 2:00pm

Breed Info

Generation Herdbook Breed Possible Special Characteristics
3 American Mini-Nubian Blue Eyes, Moonspots, and Waddles


Lily Buck, Sunshine's Daisy Duke, and Sunshine's Magnolia

Sire's Sire: Mini Ranch BC Desert Thunder
Dam's Sire: TDiamondS Ranch Gunner
Sire: Green Gables Thunder Struck
Dam: Bit O' Bliss G Easter Lily
Sire's Dam: Green Gables MB Silver Moon Shadow *P
Dam's Dam: Bit O' Bliss BF Angel