Grover & Sunny



Sonflower Ranch's Grover
Carpenter Ranch Montana Sunset

Sire Breeding Season # 1

Dam Freshening # 2

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Breeding Date: Expected Delivery Date: Delivery Date: 03/23/2019 9:00pm

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Generation Herdbook Breed Possible Special Characteristics
7 Purebred Mini-Nubian Blue Eyes and Moonspots


Sunny Buckling 1, Sunny Buckling 2, and Sunshine's Blair

Sire's Sire: Sonflower Ranch's Forest
Dam's Sire: VCH Echo Hill's GD Cassanova +B
Sire: Sonflower Ranch's Grover
Dam: Carpenter Ranch Montana Sunset
Sire's Dam: Sonflower Ranch's Farrah
Dam's Dam: Carpenter Ranch Jewel