Pork – The Other White Meat®

You absolutely don’t have to raise hogs to have delicious bacon on your breakfast plate Saturday mornings. We are involved in 4H and one of our fellow members raise hogs on their farm. Not in 4H? Well I am sorry to say that you will never have delicious home-grown bacon EVER [insert villain laugh here]. I am just kidding… Call your local meat locker and ask if they facilitate pork in bulk packages. You may not be in the Denver area but if you are… PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE go to Hudson Locker. I love the packaging of the meat and I love that they took extra measures to prove to me that each bag held “my” pork. Those would be the questions I would ask your local locker when interviewing them.

What cuts do I get and what quantities?

Before we talk about what to do with all this pork, let’s first figure out what you will get. Many butchers allow you to customize different cuts so you get more of what your family wants.

I went into detail about what exactly came in our pork, you can read it here.

What to do with all this meat?

I will be publishing a post each time I make a meal from  this pig so you can see how we have utilized our cuts.  Now I am no Pioneer Woman so I many times have to scour the internet for recipes…  sometimes I make them up all by myself but not often. I will always give credit where it is due.

Here is the list so far: Beef Dinners

What other meats do you do this with?

So far we have beef, pork, chicken, and are looking into bison. Although we don’t care for it Lamb is another good option. Our family also adds deer and elk to out diet. Really you want to just look for shares (or a butcher) that carries the same meats you would look for in the grocery store. You may find that you have to learn how to cook with new cuts that the grocery store doesn’t offer, but you will find new cuts that you can’t believe you ever lived without!

Thinking about ordering a hog as well? I am doing the same thing for pork. Click here to see these posts.