Beef – It’s What for Dinner

You don’t have to live on a farm to purchase a quarter, half, or even whole cow to use as meat for your family.

Nothing is worse (in my opinion), than grocery store meat. The hormones, the flavor, the color. Everything is better when it is home grown. This year, we were lucky enough to have great neighbors that were exceptional stewards of their caddle and allowed us to purchase a half-share when it was time.

Not everyone has the option of getting to see how their cow is taken care of while it is growing but there are several good options if your neighbors (or you) don’t have a beef raising farm nearby. If this is the case, I would suggest finding a local meat market that supplies bulk packages.

Several people have asked me how to best use the meat since there are cuts that not everyone is used to cooking with.  That is problem number one, problem two is how do you use all the ground beef (since you get like a hundred-million pounds of it)?

What cuts do I get and what quantities?

Before we talk about what to do with all this beef, let’s first figure out what you will get. Many butchers allow you to customize different cuts so you get more of what your family wants.

I went into detail about what exactly came in our beef share, you can read it here.

What to do with all this meat?

I will be publishing a post each week of  we have done with our beef which are recipes I will get from all over the place but will always give credit where it is due.

Here is the list so far: Beef Dinners

What other meats do you do this with?

So far we have beef, pork, chicken, and are looking into bison. Although we don’t care for it Lamb is another good option. Our family also adds deer and elk to out diet. Really you want to just look for shares (or a butcher) that carries the same meats you would look for in the grocery store. You may find that you have to learn how to cook with new cuts that the grocery store doesn’t offer, but you will find new cuts that you can’t beleive you ever lived without!

Thinking about ordering a hog as well? I am doing the same thing for pork. Click here to see these posts.