Dash & Gia



GTO Ranch OMF Dash
Sonflower Ranch's Gia

Sire Breeding Season # 1

Dam Freshening # 5

Kidding Info

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Breed Info

Generation Herdbook Breed Possible Special Characteristics
2 Experimental Mini-Nubian Moonspots
Sire's Sire: B-52's Scout
Dam's Sire: Sonflower Ranch's Freckles
Sire: GTO Ranch OMF Dash
Dam: Sonflower Ranch's Gia
Sire's Dam: Mistwood PC Ebony Bell
Dam's Dam: Sonflower Ranch's Freeda

In an effort to correct Dash’s percentages and Gia’s height, we decided to pair these two together. We are also hoping that the udders in Dash’s pedigree will help improve on Gia’s.