Cash & Lily



Sunshne's Cash *B
Bit O' Bliss G Easter Lily *P

Sire Breeding Season # 1

Dam Freshening # 4

Kidding Info

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Breed Info

Generation Herdbook Breed Possible Special Characteristics
3 American Mini-Nubian Blue Eyes and Waddles
Sire's Sire: Green Gables Thunder Struck *B
Dam's Sire: TDiamondS Ranch Gunner
Sire: Sunshne's Cash *B
Dam: Bit O' Bliss G Easter Lily *P
Sire's Dam: Heavensent She's Got Moxie *P
Dam's Dam: Bit O' Bliss BF Angel

We have not had much luck in the past with using a buckling in the same year he was born, but we are going to attempt it again because these two will be such a great pairing.

Lily already has a great udder and we wanted to keep that strength going. Cash brings better overall breed character to this pair and will improve on Lily’s topline.

Both Lily and Cash have their milk star which will help their offspring’s production continue on a great path as well as provide any male offspring their milk star.

Overall they will be a great couple and I’m super excited to see their kids!