TX Twincreek's CM Krystal


  • Nickname Krystal (ND)
  • Date of Birth Aug 19, 2013
  • Owners Sunshine Acres
  • Mother TX Twincreeks G Kanika
  • Father Piddlin Acres RS Chick Magnet
  • ADGA D001657617
  • Breed Nigerian Dwarf
  • Breeder Coming Soon
  • Breed Status Purebred
  • Ear Information Erect
  • Eye Color brown
  • Height Coming Soon
  • Horn Information disbudded
  • ADGA Genetics Extended Pedigree (ADGA)

Photos courtesy of Sommer Meyer

We acquired Krystal in September of 2018 from Summer Meyer.

Before Krystal came to us she had two previous kiddings. From the research I have done it appears that both kiddings happened during her time at Five Fold Farms. Her registered progenies at ADGA can be found here.

Krystal’s Facebook Images:

Krystal’s Appraisal History:

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Krystal’s Production History:

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Here is a list of Krystal’s kiddings:

2017 Kidding – (while at Five Fold Farms) – 3 buckings (1 DOA), 2 doelings

No further information is available at this time. 


2016 Kidding – (while at Five Fold Farms) – 1 buckling (5 FOLD FARM HB STARY KNIGHT), 1 doeling (5 FOLD FARM HB TOPAZ)

Descendants that contributed to our herd

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