Sonflower Ranch's Gia


  • Nickname Gia (F7)
  • Date of Birth Jun 15, 2014
  • Color Black & White
  • Owners Sonflower Ranch, Sunshine Acres
  • Mother Sonflower Ranch's Freeda
  • Father Sonflower Ranch's Freckles
  • Breed Mini Nubian
  • Breed Status Purebred
  • Ear Information pendulous
  • Eye Color brown
  • Generation 7
  • Height 27"
  • Horn Information disbudded
  • Percent (Nubian/Nigerian) 52.09/47.91
  • Breeder Keith Gunn Jr, Sonflower Ranch

Photos courtesy of Chelsea Abbotts Photography

Gia came to us from Sonflower Ranch in June 2018. She has a great temperament but will breed her for better attachments in the spring. Gia does have great capacity and at her peak gave us 10.25 cups or 5.33 lbs (if I am doing my math right here) with only milking once/day (barn records).

Tiffany Hunter – Sunshine Acres

Tested negative for Brucella, CAE, CL, and Johnes

Gia’s Facebook

Here is a list of Gia’s kiddings:

2019 Kidding  – (while at Sunshine Acres) – 2 Bucklings

Their sire is Scout

2018 Kidding  – (while at Sonflower Ranch) – 1 Doeling

Photos courtesy of Sonflower Ranch

Her sire is Gavin

2017 Kidding  – (while at Sonflower Ranch) – Twins — INCOMPLETE INFO


2016 Kidding  – (while at Sonflower Ranch) – 2 Bucklings

Photos courtesy of Size Matters Microranch

Their sire is Sonflower Ranch’s Fabio

Descendants that contributed to our herd