Mistwood PC Ebony Bell


Breed: Nigerian Dwarf Variety: Purebred
Gender: Doe Age: 3 years 1 months DOB: 03/03/2016
Nubian Percent: % Nigerian Percent: %
Horns: Disbudded Ears: Erect
Generation: Height: "
Sire's Sire: Old Mountain Farm Stag Party
Dam's Sire: Caprikodas Iced Chiller
Sire: TUA Farms SP Party Cruiser
Dam: Mustang Creek Jingle Bells
Sire's Dam: Old Mountain Farm Teika
Dam's Dam: Poppy Patch BW Tattoo Sue

Website for further details: http://www.adgagenetics.org/GoatDetail.aspx?RegNumber=D001768816


Bell is what made us fall in love with Old Mountain Farm’s lines. She is just beautiful as well as being a great mom. Even the barn cat gets met with Bell warning her to back away from her kids. She will stop at nothing to protect her kids!

When she first came here we strictly let her dam-raise her kids so her udder pics do not reflect a full udder! Since she had 3 pregnancies in a short amount of time, we gave her a break after her 2018 kids but plan on breeding her in the fall of 2019 again at which time will document udder and production.

Kidding History

Breeding PairSiblingsFreshening or breeding season (for bucks)

Bell & Scout – 2018

GTO Ranch OMF Dash
GTO Ranch OMF Annabelle


Bell & Scout – 2017

Bell & Scout 2017 Kids


Bell & Java – 2017

Bell & Java 2017 Kids


Images of Bell

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Photo Courtesy of
Chelsea Abbotts Photography

Photo courtesy of
GTO Ranch -5-20-17

Photo Courtesy of
Mistwood Field's

Photo Courtesy of
Mistwood Field's

Images of Bell's Udder

Bell's 3F Udder Side

Bell's 3F Udder Rear

Testing History

Test NameDateTest Result
Brucelosis 05/30/2018 Negative
Test NameDateTest Result
CAE 05/30/2018 Negative
Test NameDateTest Result
CL 05/30/2018 Negative
Test NameDateTest Result
Johnes 05/30/2018 Negative

Files of Importance


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