GTO Ranch Jet


  • Nickname Jet (F5)
  • Date of Birth Jun 14, 2016
  • Color Black
  • Owners GTO Ranch, Sunshine Acres
  • Mother W4's Colorado Columbine
  • Father Green Gables Mojo
  • Breed Mini Nubian
  • Breed Status American
  • Generation 5th
  • Ear Information Pendulous
  • Horn Information disbudded
  • Eye Color blue
  • Percent (Nubian/Nigerian) 54.35/45.65
  • Height 23.5"
  • Extended Pedigree (MDGA) Extended Pedigree (MDGA)

5th Generation Mini Nubian that is completely black with blue eyes. Dam has nicely attached udder.  This doe should improve capacity and teat size. G6S normal by parentage.

Jennifer Roden – GTO Ranch

Jet is my 10 yr old’s very best friend in the whole world. She is the kindest, most gentle soul and loves chasing after my daughter when she comes into the pasture to play!

Tiffany Hunter – Sunshine Acres

Tested negative for Brucella, CAE, CL, and Johnes

Jet’s Facebook

Here is a list of Jet’s kiddings:

2019 Kidding (while at Sunshine Acres) – Twin doeling/buckling

2018 Kidding (while at GTO) – Twin doeling/buckling

Photos courtesy of GTO Ranch

Their Sire is: Scout

Descendants that contributed to our herd