GTO Ranch Blackberry


  • Nickname Blackberry (F6)
  • Date of Birth Mar 14, 2016
  • Color Black, white, brown
  • Owners GTO Ranch, Sunshine Acres
  • Mother Cypress Valley Dixie
  • Father Green Gables Mojo
  • Breed Mini Nubian
  • Breed Status Purebred
  • Generation 6th
  • Ear Information Pendolous
  • Horn Information Disbudded
  • Eye Color blue
  • Percent (Nubian/Nigerian) 52.51/47.49
  • Height 24"
  • Extended Pedigree (MDGA) Extended Pedigree (MDGA)

Photo courtesy of Chelsea Abbotts Photography 

6th generation Mini Nubian. This doe has great breed character and has blue eyes.  Her sire comes form great milkers and dam has great attachment.  She has a dramatic increase capacity and teat size compared to her dam. Her dam has fed 3 of her own and 2 other kids simultaneously.  G6S normal by parentage.

Jennifer Roden – GTO Ranch

Blackberry’s Facebook Images

Here is a list of Blackberry’s kiddings:

2018 Kidding– (while at GTO Ranch) – Twin Doelings (Blue eyes)

Photo courtesy of GTO Ranch

Their sire is: Scout

2017 Kidding– (while at GTO Ranch) – 1 Buckling (Blue eyes)

Photo courtesy of GTO Ranch

His sire is: Scout

“LICORICE” found his home at Opus 7 Farm. You can see his story by clicking here to visit Opus 7 Farm’s website. Scroll down to “GTO RANCH LICORICE”

Descendants that contributed to our herd

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