Fox Valley Uptown Lady


  • Nickname Lady (ND)
  • Date of Birth Feb 22, 2015
  • Owners Sunshine Acres
  • Mother Rosasharn UP Lady Lou
  • Father Old Mountain Farm All Over It
  • ADGA D001732055
  • ADGA Genetics Extended Pedigree (ADGA)
  • Breed Nigerian Dwarf
  • Breeder Coming Soon
  • Ear Information Erect
  • Eye Color brown
  • Height Coming Soon
  • Horn Information POLLED

Doeling Photo courtesy of Wonderstone Nigerians & adult photos courtesy of Chelsea Abbotts Photography

I am so excited to welcome Lady into our herd. I am a very big fan of Old Mountain Farms lines and Fox Valley always is heavy in these pedigrees! In fact, while I was looking at her pedigree I realized that I actually own her half-brother, Ty. She also brings some polled blood to our herd which is always nice but her confirmation and dairy appraisal will bring some amazing characteristics to us as well!

Tiffany Hunter – Sunshine Acres

Tested negative for CAE, CL, and Johnes

Lady’s Facebook Images

Lady’s Appraisal History:

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What does all this mean? Click here to find out more about Linear Appraisal and here to read the Linear Appraisal Booklet (the “Blue Book”).  Click here to learn helpful information on reading a performance pedigree.

Here is a list of Lady’s kiddings:

2017 Kidding  – (while at Wonderstone Nigerians) – 1 Doeling
1st Freshening

Their sire is Domino