Sonflower Ranch's Enlighten


  • Nickname Enlighten (F5)
  • Date of Birth May 24, 2013
  • Color Black & white
  • Owners Sonflower Ranch, Sunshine Acres
  • Mother Sonflower Ranch's Freeda
  • Father Sonflower Ranch's Denver
  • Breed Mini Nubian
  • Breed Status American
  • Generation 5th
  • Ear Information Pendulous
  • Horn Information Polled
  • Eye Color blue
  • Percent (Nubian/Nigerian) 51.36/48.64
  • Breeder Keith Gunn Jr, Sonflower Ranch
  • Height 25.5"

Photos courtesy of Chelsea Abbotts Photography


Enlighten came to us from Sonflower Ranch in 2018. She has a nice rear udder and is a very nice milker. We affectionately call her our little clown. Funny enough, she has her Nigie beard. Enlighten is always happy to get attention and has the most beautiful blue eyes.

Tiffany Hunter – Sunshine Acres

Tested negative for Brucella, CAE, CL, and Johnes

Enlighten’s Facebook

Here is a list of Enlighten’s kiddings:

2019 Kidding  – (while at Sunshine Acres) – 2 Doelings

Photos courtesy of Chelsea Abbotts

Their sire is Scout

2018 Kidding  – (while at Sonflower Ranch) – 2 Doelings

Photos courtesy of Sonflower Ranch

Their sire is Gilles


Descendants that contributed to our herd