Mistwood PC Ebony Bell


Photos courtesy of Chelsea Abbotts Photography

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Jennifer Roden – GTO Ranch

We acquired Ebony Bell in March of 2018 from GTO Ranch. At the time of our acquisition she was “with child” with a planned pregnancy. GTO was generous enough to facilitate this love affair for us so we could start the next chapter of our journey with kids on the way! To see the results of this kidding click here.

Before Ebony Bell came to us she had two previous kidding. One was from her time at Mistwood Fields. The second one was at GTO Ranch, she was paired up with B-52’s Scout.

Bell’s Facebook Images:

Here is a list of Bell’s kiddings:

2018 Kidding – While at Sunshine Acres (but bred at GTO Ranch)

1 Buckling, 2 Doelings (one DOA)

Their Sire is: Scout

2017 Kidding – (while at GTO Ranch) – 3 Doelings

Their Sire is: Scout

2017 Kidding (while at Mistwood Fields) – 2 Doelings

Descendants that contributed to our herd