Big Mtn Country Dixie Delight

AKA: "Dixie"

Thank you Jennifer Roden of GTO Ranch !

Breed: Nigerian Dwarf Herd Book: Purebred
Gender: Doe Age: 6 years 11 months DOB: 06/24/2012
Horns: Disbudded Ears: Erect

Height: 25" @ 5 years 11 months

G6S Breed NOT Affected

Sire's Sire: Lost Valley KW Raising Cain
Dam's Sire: Flying Goat Jazzy Blues
Sire: Olsen Acres Heartbreaker
Dam: Prairie Wood Oreo
Sire's Dam: Lost VAlley TB Dipp’N Dots
Dam's Dam: Prairie Wood Abitailess

Websites with helpful information:


Dixie had one blue-eyed buckling in 2014

Dixie Buckling 2014

and she had quads in 2018 (3 bucklings, 1 doeling)

2018 Quads





Based on this information, I have to assume that 2019 is her 3rd Freshening even though that doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Kidding History

Breeding PairSiblingsFreshening or breeding season (for bucks)

Domino & Dixie

Dixie 2019 Buckling 2
Dixie 2019 Buckling 1


Images of Dixie

(click to enlarge)

Photo Courtesy of
Chelsea Abbotts Photography

Photo Courtesy of
Chelsea Abbotts Photography

Images of Dixie's Udder

2018 Udder (Foreudder)

2018 Udder (Side)

2018 Udder (Rear)

Dixie 2018 Milk Production

Milk Production 2018

2019 Udder (Rear)

2019 Udder (foreudder)

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