Bifrost Farms Amber


Breed: Mini-Nubian Variety: American
Gender: Doe Age: 3 years 1 months DOB: 02/28/2016
Nubian Percent: % Nigerian Percent: %
Horns: Unknown Ears: Pendulous
Generation: 3 Height: "
Sire's Sire:
Dam's Sire:
Sire: Echo Hill’s DO Goldstone
Dam: Ma Bugni’s Milky Way
Sire's Dam:
Dam's Dam:

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Kidding History

Breeding PairSiblingsFreshening or breeding season (for bucks)

Thunder & Amber

Amber Buckling
Amber Doeling


Images of Amber

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6-18-18 Photo courtesy of Abbotts Photography

6-18-18 Photo courtesy of Abbotts Photography

Amber - Photo Courtesy of GTO Ranch

Images of Amber's Udder

Amber's 1F Udder (front)

Amber's teat size (1F)

Amber's 1F udder (rear)

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