Our Breeding

We welcome to our farm, our newest members from GTO Ranch, Sonflower Ranch, along with Fox Valley’s Nigerian Dwarfs!

Mini Nubians are a cross between a Nubian and a Nigerian Dwarf goat. We chose this specific breed because we love the taste of Nigerian Dwarf’s milk but needed a breed that produced a little bit more!

Mini Nubians have the flavor profile of a Nigerian Dwarf but gives us a bigger quantity more similar to the Nubian breed.

Basically, we get nice, sweet, milk without having to deal with the size of a bigger breed. To keep our goats in milk, we need to breed them but our passion is providing ourselves and you with this delicious milk. This happens in form of herd shares, aka milk shares. For more information on how our herd shares work click here.

Our Dams

Nigerian Dwarfs

Mini Nubians


Our Sires

Our Kids

Nigerian Dwarf Kids

Mini Nubian Kids

Coming Soon

Mini Nubian Does (or doelings)

Mini Nubian Bucks (or bucklings)