Green Gables Thunder Struck

Thank you Jennifer Roden of GTO Ranch!

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Used in our Breeding Program

Breed: Mini-NubianHerd Book: American
Gender: Buck DOB: 05/28/2017
Nubian Percentage: 50.37%Nigerian Percentage: 49.63%
Horns: DisbuddedEars: Pendulous
Generation: 3 

G6S Normal by parentage

Sire's Sire: Honey Moon Farm Bing Crosby
Dam's Sire: VMCH Green Gables SS MoonBeam *B
Sire: Mini Ranch BC Desert Thunder
Dam: Green Gables MB Silver Moon Shadow *P
Sire's Dam: Lone Cottonwood PM Southern Bella *P
Dam's Dam: Silver Creek CM Coconut


Kidding History

While at our Ranch (see Other Kidding Info below if available for any info we may have)
Breeding PairDelivery Date
Thunder & Amber 04/10/2019 12:00pm
Thunder & Blackberry 04/24/2019 1:00pm
Thunder & Gertie 05/30/2019 2:00pm
Thunder & Ginger 04/11/2019 6:00pm
Thunder & Gretta 05/26/2019 2:00pm
Thunder & Lily 06/05/2019 2:00pm
Thunder & Moxie 04/11/2019 9:00pm

Other Kidding History

Any further kidding info we have found... this info may be incomplete!

Thunder was also bred to several does in 2018 while at GTO Ranch before coming here in the fall of 2018.

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