GTO Ranch Ginger

Thank you Jennifer Roden of GTO Ranch!

Used in our Breeding Program

Breed: Mini-NubianHerd Book: American
Gender: Doe DOB: 03/10/2015
Nubian Percentage: 53.97%Nigerian Percentage: 46.03%
Horns: DisbuddedEars: Pendulous
Generation: 4 

G6S Normal by testing

Sire's Sire: FMCH Echo Hill's Rio Bravo +*B
Dam's Sire: VCH Echo Hill's GD Cassanova +B
Sire: Soaring Heart's Mal Maison *B
Dam: Carpenter Ranch Ruby
Sire's Dam: FMCH Soaring Heart's Rose Bonaparte *P
Dam's Dam: Carpenter Ranch Jewel


Udder Pics

Kidding History

While at our Ranch (see Other Kidding Info below if available for any info we may have)
Breeding PairDelivery Date
Thunder & Ginger 04/11/2019 6:00pm

Other Kidding History

Any further kidding info we have found... this info may be incomplete!

Ginger had a doeling in 2017 and a buckling in 2018 while at GTO Ranch.