Sonflower Ranch’s Enlighten



Sonflower Ranch's DenverSonflower Ranch's Freeda

Thank you Keith Gunn, Jr. of Sonflower Ranch!

Sire's Sire: Paw Paw Nin Chico
Dam's Sire: Echo Hill's Eric
Sire: Sonflower Ranch's Denver
Dam: Sonflower Ranch's Freeda
Sire's Dam: Sunflower Ranch's Deidre
Dam's Dam: Sonflower Ranch’s Elvira

Used in our Breeding Program

Breed: Mini-NubianHerd Book: American
Gender: Doe DOB: 05/24/2013
Nubian Percentage: 51.36%Nigerian Percentage: 48.64%
Horns: PolledEars: Airplane
Generation: 5Height: 27"


Enlighten is one that I love to milk. I would like to see her production increase but in 2019 when I started milk testing I realized I had some nutritional issues that needed to be addressed. My goats were lacking in their fiber content and as of now I am addressing those issues.

I am looking forward to the 2020 breeding season to see how the things I have added have impacted their health. Until then, I have decided to dry Enlighten up to let her focus on getting her body in tip-top shape for the upcoming breeding season.


Udder Pics

Enlighten’s Milk History

DateButterfat %Total #Star Awarded?

Enlighten’s Kidding History

Kidding NameYear# of Bucks# of DoesKidsFarm Bred At
Scout & Enlighten 2019201902SASH’s Farrah, SASH’s Flashee Jackee, Sunshine Acres
Enlighten 2018201800Sonflower Ranch
Enlighten 2017201700Sonflower Ranch
Enlighten 2016201600Sonflower Ranch
Enlighten 2015201500Sonflower Ranch

Enlighten’s Files

Goat(s) in our herd from this line
SASH’s Farrah,