B-52’s Dottie

Thank you Jennifer Roden of GTO Ranch!

Used in our Breeding Program

Breed: Mini-NubianHerd Book: American
Gender: Doe DOB: 04/17/2013
Nubian Percentage: 54.29%Nigerian Percentage: 45.71%
Horns: DisbuddedEars: Pendulous
Generation: 5 

G6S Normal by testing

Sire's Sire: Caldwell Creek's Barack
Dam's Sire: Cornerstone Farm Dirty Harry
Sire: Caldwell Creek's Cassanova
Dam: B-52's Maybe It's Maybelline
Sire's Dam: Caldwell Creek's Latte
Dam's Dam: Moonstone B Zivah


Udder Pics

Teat Information

Orphice Size: Texture: Teat Size:
Medium Soft Large

Linear Traits

I use the following images from ADGA's website to come up with MY appraisal (these are NOT appraisals done by an official judge)

Rear Udder Arch:

Rear Udder Arch

Dottie's Rear Udder Arch is in MY opinion: Narrow & Pointed
Teat Placement:

Rear Udder Arch

Dottie's Teat Placement is in MY opinion: Wide

Kidding Ratio

Kidding YearBucksDoes

Kidding History

While at our Ranch (see Other Kidding Info below if available for any info we may have)
Breeding PairDelivery Date
Grover & Dottie 03/31/2019 1:00pm

Files of Importance

Medical Info

When purchasing one of our goats, you will get a copy of all/any medical information in it's original format

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