Bifrost Farms Amber *P



Echo Hill's DO GoldstoneMa Bugni's Milky Way

Thank you Jennifer Roden of GTO Ranch!

Sire's Sire: Echo Hill's Dominator
Dam's Sire: Soaring Heart's Chance *B
Sire: Echo Hill's DO Goldstone
Dam: Ma Bugni's Milky Way
Sire's Dam: Echo Hill's Black Opal 2*P
Dam's Dam: Moonstone R Phoebe

G6S Normal by parentage

Used in our Breeding Program

Breed: Mini-NubianHerd Book: American
Gender: Doe DOB: 04/28/2016
Nubian Percentage: 59.66%Nigerian Percentage: 40.34%
Horns: DisbuddedEars: Pendulous
Generation: 3 


Amber has great capacity but I would love to improve on some of her other udder traits.


Udder Pics

Amber’s Milk History

DateButterfat %Total #Star Awarded?

Amber’s Kidding History

Kidding NameYear# of Bucks# of DoesKidsFarm Bred At
Thunder & Amber201911SASH’s Ryker, Sunshine’s Piper, Sunshine Acres
Scout & Amber 2018201810GTO Ranch Noah, GTO Ranch

Amber’s Files

Goat(s) in our herd from this line
GTO Ranch Noah,